Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Who is this girl

Her eyes hide the many stories of her past. Her lips hide the very voice that barely speaks. Her arms hold the warmth of a loving heart, her heart holds the small light that barely looks past the dark.
Through all the painful times, she still is able to care for others, even strangers.
Through all the harm that's been brought upon her she still is able to smile and speak with a caring voice.
She once was cold towards so many, barely able to care for anyone but herself.
but so easily people came into her life and showed her the light she was to blind to see.
Her past created a road she promised to never follow again.
Her future leading her to the road she always dreamed of.
Who is she this girl?
She is known by so many names, so many identities, one would think she is lost.
The thing is, she knows who she is, she knows where she stands, though she responds to more then one name, she is the same person
Who is she?
She's a lover, a fighter, a great friend to many and a motherly figure to people who never knew the love of a mother. She's an idol to the youngest in her family, she's the perfect child to a loving mother and father. She's a pillar to those who are to weak to stand on their own. A poet that writes from her heart, A story teller that expresses her imagination.
She isn't afraid to speak her mind, isn't afraid to fight for what she believe is right. She isn't afraid to say "no" to something she doesn't approve of.
Call her degrading words, call her whatever you wish but what matters is that she knows who is she is, inside and out.
So, who is this girl?
Her name is Angie but she prefers to be called Rica.
One would say she wears her heart on her sleeve or maybe, she simply holds it in her hands. Hoping someone would hold it with her and not attempt to break it.
But even if this was to happen, she'd just pick up her pieces and move on.
She struggles with her emotions but so easily she gets back on track.
She even struggles with her own sexuality, only because of how closed minded many are.
She never will change who she is, what she have become. No one can change her, that simple.

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