Monday, June 27, 2011

A poet's life

At a young age she didn't know where she belonged
wondered, if something was wrong
she watched her siblings grow up to be successful in their life and wondered
"Where and when do I start?"

age 11, tragedy struck
she lost the closest person to her and she muttered
"I am lost"
She no longer wanted to be apart of life
she no longer wanted to deal with her pain
slowly, she became insane

Age 12 she closed herself in her own little shell
No one could get near her, no one dared to try
she stared at her arms and wondered "How can I die?"
She took a pen and poked herself constantly, watching the ink leave dots
slowly those dots turned into words an she realized
the pen held a gift

Age 13 she created poems about him
how she missed him and wondered when will they meet again
sadly she was still unsure of her own life
wondering "Will I ever be with him"

Age 14,  slowly she showed others of her talent
they pushed her on, telling her
"You could be famous"
she didn't exactly agree
to her, the words on the sheet were ugly
as much as they praised her, still refused to agree
after all, it was the pain that started it all

age 15 she still remained closed up
her poetry coming in by the dozen as she
scribbled away her pain till she broke down crying
they still spoke of her torment and how much she missed him
as much as she wrote, she wasn't pleased.
she stopped using paper and reverted back to her arm

Age 16, she slowly crawled out of her shell
as people close to her urged her out
they promised friendship that never would never fail
Her poems slowly stopped as she became more active in her life
love also became part of her life story
as it taught her that it can slowly heal
but at the same time it can break you down even more

Age 17, she finally learned what betrayal was
through friends and love
she began to wonder "Why did I even bother?"
she once more slowly closed up, though others begged her not to
she refused to listen as she slowly became distants
slowly her poems became once more existant

Age 18, she continues her writing til her fingers go numb
sadly, the pain will always be there
She is known to be very anti-social but yet she holds a few close
she slowly wanders in and out of love but never grows attached
she refuse to walk that path...

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